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ChristianAudigier designer brands have "KingofJeans" of good reputation, had previously served as Levi's and other major brand designer, and later bought the patent TATTOO creative godfather DonEdHardy will DonEdHardy The legend of the introduction of tattoo art fashion, punk element back into and street culture, combined with tattoo tattoo art and fashion. When the cowboy met the godfather of tattoo genius, master of the cooperation of the two re-definition of the "street fashion", to create a very bold spirit of the brand characteristics of the United States.

An increasing number of people are charmed by the magic of amazing tattoo and impressive color of Ed hardy. Are you desirous of putting the street culture taste as well as the elements of vintage-inspired punk into your clothes? And at the same time, integrating these skills with tattoo patterns that are drawn by the master, such as eagle anchor, tiger, pirate skulls, demon, naked women, etc. So it is not hard to understand that why a Ed Hardy T-shirt with simple line is a feast for the eyes. Therefore, there is enough reason for you to believe that you will have a good time in this summer if you choose Ed hardy.

ed hardy clothing is the wisdom of a genius

1977, Ed Hardy in San Francisco, Mission Street, No. 2906 opened his first tattoo shop TATTOO CITY, tattoo their superb skills in this area has created a new era. In 1978, stores opened less than a year due to a fire and destroyed, Hardy in the riparian zone was set up a simple shop to continue his work until after the repair shop re-opened in 1980. In 1991, his second home ed hardy clothes store No. 722 in the opening of Columbus Avenue, 1999, in Lombard Street Sanjiadian opening 700. Because of its skilled, innovative, a lot of people respect their profession to become the godfather of tattoo DON.
2004 denim apparel sector by the genius, the former Diesel, Levi's, American Eagle Outfitters and Von Dutch designer Christian Audigier, combined with contemporary American tattoo community Don Ed Hardy the godfather of the classic tattoo designs, and street elements into PUNK culture, bold the creation of a very American spirit of the brand characteristics. Don Ed Hardy tattoo art of New York, three major world cities well-known museums and the collection displayed. Cooperation among the two masters of the sparks for the fashion industry into a new phenomenon different.



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