There are more than 5000 artists of different schools in the admiration of ED Hardy clothing

Von Dutch in the chief designer and CEO of three years, his pioneering use of numerous highly impressed the people of the creative and original unknown fashion Von Dutch was the rave reviews. Audigier not only has a keen sense of fashion, the brand also has a genius mind. Truck cap pinstripe Trucker Cap and T-Shirt reputable, from students to Britney Spears or all of its popular Ashiton Kutcher have added. Audigier will be single-handedly to all Von Dutch in front of more of its future development to pave the way for the glory. What is inconceivable is that in a short span of three and a half years after the period of time, Audigier has created nearly 50 kinds of products and seven popular brands, each triggering a boom product, Christian Audigier's name has long been a non-folding is not symbols of the international fashion buckle.

In 2004, Audigier created and launched its own brand ED Hardy, the godfather of tattoo he chose Don ED Hardy served as the exclusive designer brands. Cooperation between the two of them the United States took the next wave of street culture "reach" of the fashion industry. As a tattoo teacher, painter and engraver of the ED Hardy has 40 years of tattoo experience, as long ago as 1977 in San Francisco, opened his first tattoo shop Tatoo, because of high technology and highly tattoo experimental Fantasy graphic design, many people known as "the godfather of tattoo industry Don", his works and even tattoo in New York, San Francisco museums around the world as a collection of works. Don Key tattoo inspiration in the United States, Japan, modified cars, tattoo, surf and semiotics, Highlights of composition design and color-rich rock the streets of the United States is full of style, enough to represent the spirit of the United States IN.

Christian Audigier's ED Hardy once said that the essence is that "all of the designs and tattoos, and tattoos can be completely avoided in fact, the pain of flesh, you can see the tattoos can wear in the body, so I like to wear all my clothes." For ED Hardy's followers, Audigier to create not only the brand Ed Hardy, but also a set of life-style and street culture. He takes the design of men and women, popular applause, whether it is the design profession or business is marketing all of the outstanding achievements impressed. Al trend of his amazing insight and extraordinary gift of charisma, there are more than 5000 artists of different schools impressed with the first step in the ED Hardy.


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